Avoid Buying Second Hand Tools

Everyone loves a bargain. Indeed there is little more satisfying than finding something you want for less than you would have expected to pay for it. While bagging yourself a bargain gives you a great sense of achievement this feeling can be short lived as second hand tools are rarely as they seem.

When buying a second hand power tool you have no way to vouch for the quality of the item and if you buy it from somewhere such as a car boot or similar, you have no way of testing whether it even works. A tool which doesn’t even switch on is no use to anyone. If you have to pay to fix it you might as well have bought new so that you can at least enjoy known the tool is as it should be.

Avoid Buying Second Hand Tools

Power tool thefts are increasingly common and not a day goes by without someone losing the tools of their trade or a much loved DIY tool collection. Beware anyone selling second hand tools door to door or anywhere other than in a reputable retailer outlet. Tool theft costs individuals and insurance companies hundreds of thousands of pounds a year so if you are approached by someone you are not sure has the right to sell what you are being offered, call the police.

When you buy a new drill, jigsaw or any type of power tool you receive a guarantee and a warranty. You pay for a top quality tool and as part of this you are entitled by law to certainly privileges should the tool not be up to specification and need repairing or replacing. The last thing that you want is to have a tool which cuts out on you mid-job and having to pay over the odds for a repair.

Second hand tools might be sub standard

An additional worry of course when buying second hand tools is that you may be planning on using a sub-standard piece of equipment which could be harmless if not potentially fatal. Power tools can be dangerous if not used properly yet can be just as lethal if used by a professional without being maintained properly or having adequate safety features and electrical cut outs. For the sake of a few pounds it isn’t worth risking your health or continued hits to your wallet.

The stolen tool trade is rife, and even those who sell on their own tools for legitimate reasons can’t offer you the service and guarantees that you are entitled to when buying a brand new tool. If you want a bargain go to a retailer that has a sale on or offers all year round great prices. Ending up with a faulty, dangerous and stolen power tool is not what you need and your money will be long gone.

Tools conclusion

On the other side of the coin, ensure that you secure all of your own tools and mark them well to make them unattractive to thieves as tools that are security marked are unsellable. By doing this you can be sure that there is no way that anyone else will be getting a “bargain” at your expense.

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